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FAQ: Why are Fluoride Treatments Important for Kids?

Fluoride is a mineral compound containing fluorine, a naturally occurring element. Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid and plaque and strengthens the enamel by replacing nutrients.

While small amounts of fluoride are found in many toothpastes, rinses and city water sources, the fluoride treatment used in our dental office are much more concentrated. Studies have shown that children who receive regular fluoride treatments, once every 6 months, may have up to 40% fewer cavities than those who do not.

Fluoride treatment is easy and affordable. Dr. Kailes recommends topical fluoride varnish treatments for all children every 6 months. Fluoride varnish is much easier and more enjoyable than traditional fluoride rinses, foams and trays; and does not require any waiting to eat or drink afterwards. After teeth are cleaned, the assistant will quickly paint the varnish on the teeth. When it comes in contact with the tooth, it spreads across the entire tooth surface and is absorbed over the next 24 hours.

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