Why are mouthguards important?

We recently had a patient for a dental emergency. The patient came in after fracturing the two top front teeth during a sporting accident. Teeth Trauma- From Sporting AccidentDr. Kailes was able to reattach the original tooth fragments and recreate the patient’s natural, pre-accident smile.

If your child ever breaks a tooth or knocks a tooth out, it’s important to find the fragments or tooth and put them in milk or water to keep them from drying out. Contact us as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the better the chance we have for saving the teeth!

Dr. Kailes and our team are available 24/7 through our emergency line for emergencies just like this. You can reach us after hours through our app (https://www.drbethkailes.com/phone-app/) or by calling the office at (904) 215-7800 and following the prompts.

Safety is a super important part of oral health. We often think of only football players wearing mouth guards, but injuries can happen in any contact sport like soccer, basketball, baseball and even riding bicycles. PLAY HARD – KEEP TEETH!

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