Why are my child’s adult teeth coming in yellow?

You may notice that when a child’s adult teeth begin to erupt they come in darker and more yellow than baby teeth.

yellow-adult-teethRest assured this isn’t because your child’s teeth are stained or that they have have been doing a poor job brushing.

Adult permanent teeth have more dentin than baby teeth. Since the enamel, the hard outer surface layer of the tooth, is translucent, the color of the dentin shows through, making the teeth appear more yellow.

The new permanent adult teeth are normally yellower than primary teeth, but they seem even more so because you are comparing them with the smaller, lighter baby teeth still in your child’s mouth.

Yellow permanent teeth are perfectly normal. And as soon as the rest of the primary teeth are lost, you won’t even notice there was a difference at all!

If you are concerned there might be something else going on, please contact us or make an appointment.

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