What is teething?

Teething, or primary tooth eruption, is the time when your baby’s first set of teeth break through their gums. Continue reading

Healthy snacks for your child’s teeth

Most kids need a morning and/or an afternoon snack. But are you choosing the best one? Many so called “healthy” snacks are actually filled with sugar that increases the risk of tooth decay. Sure, sugary snacks taste delicious, but they’re really harmful to your child’s teeth. Even if a product is labeled as organic, GMO free or Gluten free, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you or your children’s teeth. Continue reading

Introducing Dr. Allison Johnston

Please help us in welcoming our new associate Dr. Allison Johnston! Continue reading

How important is flossing your child’s teeth?

Flossing is a very important part of your child’s overall oral hygiene. Brushing cleans the tops and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums, but cavities like to hide between the teeth where the brush can’t reach. Flossing is the only way to reach the food particles stuck between the teeth. Continue reading

Halloween Bash 2015

What a fantastic turnout for our 1st Annual Halloween Bash! We had lots of fun with a bounce house, obstacle course, carnival games, face painting, pictures with the tooth fairy and a costume contest. Thank you to every one who came out! Continue reading

Are sports drinks harmful to kids’ teeth?

When kids play sports, the most common go-to drink tends to be some sort of sports drink. It’s important for young athletes to replace fluids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes after hard exercise, but if too much is consumed, the high sugar and high acidic content of sports drinks can increase their risk of tooth enamel erosion and decay. Continue reading

6 ways to prevent cavities in children

Cavities develop when there is tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when the bacteria in your mouth consume the sugars in the things you eat and drink. Over time, the bacteria forms a sticky film called plaque. This plaque gradually dissolves the enamel of the tooth and if not removed, will eventually causes cavities.

While there’s no way to get rid of the bacteria on our mouths, there are ways to prevent cavities from forming. Continue reading

Tips to prepare kids for their first visit to the dentist

A child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist can be pretty scary, especially if they don’t know what to expect. But there are several things you can do to help prepare them.

Here are several tips to help you prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist.
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Should My Child Wear a Sports Mouthguard?

Should My Child wear a Sports Mouthguard?

One of the questions we get asked regularly is, “Should my child wear a sports mouthguard?” We recommend all children wear a mouthguard if they are involved in any sport or activity where they can come in contact with other players or hard surfaces.
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5 ways to make brushing teeth fun for your child

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get our kids to brush and floss their teeth everyday. So, we’ve collected a few tips to help make the whole experience easier for you and your child. Continue reading